Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review of Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT LED Flashlight

Up for review today I have something a bit different, a flashlight (for example: SUNJACK CAMPLIGHT )from a company called Blackfire. Normally we cover tech products, but we do cover everything really, but flashlights these days can be considered high tech when you really look at them with high intensity LEDs and futuristic designs. The flashlight I have today is called the Clamplight and it’s what I would call a utility light as as its name suggests, it has a clamp built-in so you can attach the light most anywhere to make sure you have light where you need it most. So read on to learn about a very versatile product…

Specifications and Features


Brilliant White LED
Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT uses a 1 watt Cree White XR-C LED. The LED’s from US maker Cree are found in the finest lights in the world. Better color, longer lasting, and with outstanding quality assurance. Bulb life is virtually forever at 100,000 hours. Up to 100 lumens which is stronger than most other mass distributed LED lights and comparable to many hi- end technical lights.

Uses 3AAA batteries with IC chip for more consistent light output.
Battery life – 26 hours – max output 7 hours
Batteries replace without the need of a screwdriver

Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT clamps virtually anywhere and stays out of the way versus stand lights like “tripod mounted” or “snake like lights”.
Two axis swivel head directs light to any position.
Shaped like a traditional flashlight for easy portability or to fit in a belt or pocket.
Clamp converts to a stand light by pressing clamp and sliding lock feature. Non skid feet swivel down for stability.

Sturdy Construction
Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT is molded in high impact ABS plastic with non slip TPR over-molds and stainless steel fittings.
A strong spring clamps securely to shelves, doors, pipes, branches and other objects.

Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT is the only flashlight that has a clamp integrated into its’ body allowing for versatility and portability. The unique design and mechanisms found in Blackfire CLAMPLIGHT are covered by US Patent #7850329 and Foreign Patents as well as several others pending.

Developed by the award winning international design group, A2, whose work is found in both museums and on store shelves world wide.

Price: $27.99 (from Blackfire website)

Price: $18.88 (from Amazon at time of review)

Unboxing / Review

The packaging for the Clamplight is sort of a half box, that’s how I would describe it, it’s a box with a but-out section in the shape of the light so you can plainly see and feel the light. The back of course has information listed about the light, specs, features and uses and basic directions.

When you first look at the Clamplight it looks kind of odd, but it’s actually barrel shaped just like a regular flashlight is overall so it can be used like a normal flashlight.

The front and back of the light have a large green section which is rubberized for grip. What I call the back is where you’ll find a nice large push button switch which rubberized and sealed. The switch is rather hard to push so you most likely won’t turn it on by accident. The switch also offers a loud or very audible click when you push it so you know you’ve pushed the button. When the light is turned on you can slightly depress the switch and it will go off without fully depressing it so you can strobe or flash the light manually.

The green section on the back is the battery cover where you install the three AAA batteries.

The battery compartment locks onto place and can only be opened by pressing the button or tab located tightly under the head of the light on the front side of the Clamplight. There’s really no way that I can see anyone accidentally opening the battery compartment so it’s very secure. The lock works well to keep the cover in place, so you can drop it without having to worry about the cover popping open and the batteries falling out.

On the front you’ll find another large patch of rubberized green plastic, but here is what looks like a sliding switch.

The slide is actually a lock because the Clamplight can stand up on its own instead of being clamped somewhere. You squeeze the Clamplight closed like you’re going to clamp it to something but then you slide the metal tab up and it locks the clamp open.

When you’re using the Clamplight as a clamp an having it clamped to something the rubberized feet are in the vertical position, but to make it stand on its own you just swivel the feet to a horizontal position. The clamps themselves are rubberized and textured for grip while standing or clamped. The rubber should not mark or damage the surface you attach the Clamplight to, but it will hold firm.

Here it is when it’s standing up in a few view for you to understand what I mean by swiveling the clamps.

The head can tilt and swivel and when tilting it clicks and locks into place. There are five positions you can tilt the head to beginning with straight like a standard flashlight to slightly off ninety degrees downward.

The front has a clear cover and most is the reflector with the LED down in the center. The green ring around the outside is a rubberized plastic so if it drops it’s better protected
When you turn it on you’re greeted with a very bright beam, it says right on the package not to stare into the beam. Most of the head of the light is the reflector, with the LED down in the center, which is fine, but sadly it’s not an adjustable beam.

The work light I use most is a small LED flashlight from Joby called the Blade which is rechargeable and the beam is adjustable so it has multiple uses for me. It also features high and low levels of brightness which can come in handy. It’s my favorite flashlight really, it’s one that I‘ve come to rely on for many types of projects big and small.

The Blackfire Clamplight has many uses as well since it can be clamped to objects and it can stand on its own. The body is nicely made, it’s plastic of course, high impact ABS to be specific and it should be able to withstand most anything you can think of to use it for. The plastic is made to withstand abuse for sure so you can drop it and not worry about it breaking.

The clamp itself is easy to use, there is quite a bit of tension on the spring but not so much as it’s hard to use, just enough for anyone to use it to hold the light or something else in place.

I’ve been using the Clamplight for various little jobs around the house and it has certainly come in handy. I’ve used it mostly as a flashlight without clamping it and I really like the fact the head of the light swivels and pivots. I like how I can hold the light straight up but yet have the head at the ninety degree angle to shine light where I want it.

I also own several Maglites, big and small, 3D size and AA sizes, and a nice rechargeable Streamlight SL-20XP and a few others as well. The brightness of the Clamplight is surprisingly comparable to my bigger lights. The Streamlight is 145 lumens, while the Clamplight is 100 lumens, but to the eye they seem close. The Maglites and Streamlight I have are krypton and/or halogen bulbs, not LEDs so there is obviously a difference there in the light intensity. I’ve noticed that LEDs seem to offer more intense light at lower lumens, which makes them very attractive to be used for lighting in flashlight and of course they use less power than traditional bulbs do.


The Blackfire Clamplight is certainly a versatile product as it has many uses from the home to on the job.

The Clamplight gets its name because it can be mounted by the built-in clamp that holds it securely wherever you attach it. You can be working under the sink or under the hood of your card and just clamp the light in place directing the beam to where you beam it most to get the job done.

The Clamplight can also stand by itself thanks to the unique design of it as it has a built-in stand.

The head of the Clamplight can be rotated right and left and it can move up and down so you can aim the beam exactly where you need it most.

The light itself is very bright, the LED produces 100 Lumens of brightness but it seems to be brighter than that, it’s certainly more than enough to brighten up workspaces or the darkest of rooms.

The shape of the Clamplight resembles that of a normal round flashlight making it familiar and easy to hold.

When I first saw the name Clamplight I read it as Camplight, and that name works too as I could see taking this camping with you to provide light where you need it while out in the woods.

The only drawback I can really mention about the Clamplight is the fact that the beam in not adjustable or focusable, it’s more of a spot light and many times I’ve found a wider beam is better.

The Blackfire Clamplight is well made and very useful for anyone from homemakers to mechanics and everything in between.

The price is under $20 most places I’ve found it online and I think it’s well worth it.